Accounting firms engage lawyers to help grow and safeguard their businesses. Clients expect high quality legal counsel at a reasonable cost. Clients only want what is really necessary to achieve their objectives.  Clients don’t need expensive, academic lawyering. At NewGate Law, we deliver advice that is practical, useful and business minded. Our attorneys put client priorities first. Our lawyers have years of experience at major accounting firms, resulting in highly efficient and effective client service with excellent outcomes. Affordable? At a fraction of the cost of traditional law firms. We are here to support clients, not to just practice law.

Practice Enhancement 

Clients often turn to lawyers when they are in trouble.  But, lawyers deliver the most value when using their expertise to help drive practice growth. Mergers, practice expansion, strategic alliances, partner matters, engagement documentation, or employee relations. We have world class resumes as lawyers and executives for high growth accounting firms.  We know the business of accounting.

Practice Protection

Risk is unavoidable for accounting firms. It threatens their very existence. But it doesn’t have to. NewGate attorneys are experienced in identifying and managing accountancy risk, like regulatory compliance, government investigations, client and employee disputes and litigation. Years of experience make NewGate lawyers experts in practice protection and risk mitigation.