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About Us

NewGate Law is an innovative provider of legal and risk management services dedicated exclusively to the accounting industry. Highly credentialed attorneys with major CPA firm experience have joined together to serve the unique legal and risk management needs of growing accounting organizations. In a new economy where higher value and greater efficiency is a requirement, NewGate out performs traditional law firms. When accountancy expertise really matters, NewGate is the right choice.

Our Insights

At NewGate Law, we are serious about the legal, regulatory, and practice and business developments affecting the accounting industry. Not only do we track the emerging trends in the profession, we use our extensive experience to understand and interpret the likely impact of developments on our clients. We enable our clients to prepare for changes, not simply react to them. Check here frequently for the latest news, opinion and guidance on the legal developments affecting the accounting profession.

Our Blog

Things happen quickly in both the accounting profession and the legal realm. Often a short briefing is all that is required to insure our clients are well informed and up-to-date on current and important developments. And, sometimes there is just news that is simply interesting to know. Visit here often to catch our short report and view of the latest happening, as well as the occasional musing.